Happiness at home and happiness at work has always been linked. Now they are intertwined more than ever, and companies can take a leading position to support their employees in both arenas.


An Opportunity

The world is currently experiencing an environmental crisis in the form of the coronavirus. It has affected us all in one way or another and everyone has experienced some form of anxiety as a result. However, it is also an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their values in the way they support their employees.

During this time, people seem to be either working flat-out to support essential services and businesses, working under challenging conditions or concerned about losing their job.

When large numbers of people are affected at the same time by an environmental crisis such as this, the entire community may need intervention. Employers can help mitigate a significant portion of the anxiety and prevent individuals from moving from heightened stress levels to individual crisis situations by providing them with mental health support.

The additional support companies provide their staff will not only make them feel more valued but will increase their sense of community and loyalty. Many will not feel the need of taking the next step of visiting a counsellor but the fact that this is an available option for them will increase their level of comfort and security.

What Can We Do?

Mental health support can be provided in a range of activities, depending on the requirements and current mental state of the individual staff members. These include:


Psychological Education Delivering informative articles and presentations about an issue to staff for their own consideration and application.

Webinars we have conducted with our Clients to date include a wide range of mental health related topics including:

  • Self-Care in Times of Covid-19

  • Phase 1 & Beyond (focused on how to adapt to change as lockdown restrictions eased)

  • Family Care in Times of Uncertainty

  • New Year, New Me (focused on how to implement positive changes in our lives)

  • Sleep & Mental Health

  • Living with Gratitude (a powerful way to improve positivity at home & in the workplace)

All these topics can be tailored to reflect your specific needs.

Support Group Sessions Working in groups of 8 to 15 participants, the counsellor acts as a facilitator and involves all participants to create healthy interactions which can be highly effective in maintaining mental health.

Full Therapeutic Course Individual counselling for 8 to 12 sessions (normally on a weekly basis) for people with underlying psychological issues which may have been triggered or heightened by a problem situation.

Our Clients

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