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Happiness at home and happiness at work have always been linked. Now they are intertwined more than ever and companies can take a leading position to support their employees in both arenas.


An Opportunity

In Singapore (2017), a National Council of Social Science (NCSS) study found that, for every S$1 invested in "workplace adjustment schemes", like flexi-work arrangements and means to get counselling therapy, a company is able to generate an average of S$5.60 in returns as workers become more productive and make fewer medical claims.

Put simply, taking care of your employees' Mental Health can improve your bottom line by:

  • Reducing absenteeism due to stress-related illnesses and fatigue.

  • Improving clarity, concentration & decision-making for staff who feel under pressure.

  • Resolving causes of conflict, often linked to problems at home, for better teamwork.

  • Making employees feel valued, happy and loyal. This is good for business.

Harmony Counselling provides proven, realistic solutions to workplace Mental Health issues for Singapore SMEs. Our focused programs help relieve stress-related problems which improves productivity, initiative, loyalty and the bottom line. Founder Martin Williams draws on significant business experience and provides affordable services.

What We Can Do...

Mental health support can be provided in a range of activities, depending on the requirements and current mental state of the individual staff members. These include:


Self-Care and Wellbeing Presentations Delivering informative articles and presentations about mental health and wellness issues to staff for their own consideration and application.

Webinars - We have conducted webinars with our Clients on a wide range of mental health related topics including:

  • Self-Care in Times of Covid-19

  • Phase 1 & Beyond (focused on how to adapt to change as lockdown restrictions eased)

  • Family Care in Times of Uncertainty

  • New Year, New Me (focused on how to implement positive changes in our lives)

  • Sleep & Mental Health (focused on the healing effects of sleep and how to improve sleep hygiene)

  • Living with Gratitude (a powerful way to improve positivity at home & in the workplace)

All these topics (and many more) can be tailored to reflect your specific needs.

Support Group Sessions Working in groups of 8 to 15 participants, the counsellor acts as a facilitator and involves all participants to create healthy interactions which can be highly effective in maintaining mental health.

Brief Therapeutic Course Individual counselling (1 to 4 sessions, as needed) for people with immediate problems, such as experiencing a traumatic incident. The aim is to restore equilibrium and assess whether longer term counselling support is required.

Full Therapeutic Course Individual, couple or family counselling (for 8 to 12 sessions, normally on a weekly basis) for people and families with underlying issues which may have been triggered or heightened by a problem situation.

Retrenchment Counselling Support

Retrenchment is a stressful, challenging and distressing time for all. Harmony Counselling have developed a unique support package to enable our clients to support both retrenched and retained employees which will help to protect the company's brand, reputation and culture.

For more information on our Corporate Mental Health Services and how we can improve your business, please contact us on +65 8908 2187 or email us at to get a copy of our full brochures and discuss further.


Our Corporate Clients:

"Our team in Singapore are beyond grateful that both you and Jayda were here supporting us for the past 2 days. The management team and I would like to thank both you and Jayda for your professional services and time spending with us. We look forward to working with you and your amazing team in near future again!"


(Client's name withheld for confidentiality reasons)

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