Individual Counselling

We provide counselling to individuals like you who may be:

  • Facing challenging situations (crises, troubles, anxieties, doubts, difficulties, frustrations or concerns)

  • Feeling you are not living as fully as you would like

  • Suffering from emotional turmoil and have no clear-cut solutions

Couples Counselling

Couples can sometimes find themselves in need of counselling for a whole host of reasons. We provide therapeutic support as a proven method of improving troubled relationships by facilitating improved communication and understanding.

Family Counselling

Problem situations within a family are often a result of a faulty family system. By working, initially with individuals within the family, and building towards the group, we can help to identify the underlying cause of the dysfunction and work with you to improve family harmony.

Teen & Adolescent Therapy

Our children often face difficulties in expressing themselves and so their behaviour becomes a form of expression. When this behaviour becomes dysfunctional or socially unacceptable, it can be a sign that they are suffering from some emotional trauma. We work with you and your child to identify the cause of their emotional suffering and work towards addressing this cause and, thereby, improving their happiness.

Group Therapy

The powerful therapeutic effects of positive group experiences are well documented. We run targeted support groups to facilitate individuals in their drive to achieve personal goals and change behaviours, thus increasing life satisfaction and health. Our group therapy sessions are aimed at specific social sets and participant screening is done to ensure suitability for the group. To find out more about our group sessions, or even to suggest a theme for a group you would like to participate in, please contact us at

Our Rates*

  • Individual Counselling - S$200 per session

  • Couple and Family Counselling - S$220 per session

  • Support Group - Group sessions are arranged in response to specific needs. Please contact us for details

Payment shall be by SGQR, Paynow, bank transfer, cash or cheque.

Kindly note that, in the event that you cancel your booking, giving less than 24hrs notice, a cancellation fee of S$50 will be payable to cover room booking costs.

A S$10 surcharge will be applied to all sessions booked outside normal working hours (see FAQ's)

* Note: Please refer to our Covid-19 page for special offers during this time.

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