Our mission is to help you to feel happier and better prepared to deal with life’s challenges by easing your concerns and unlocking your potential.

Our Beliefs

  • You have the potential and resources to solve or manage your own issues. The Counsellor acts as a guide to help you identify and utilize them.

  • Crisis can be an opportunity for personal growth.

  • No positive change occurs without effort.

  • Problems which often appear insoluble can be broken down into more manageable pieces which can be addressed one by one.

  • Maladjustment can be caused by a difference between what one is and what one wants to be. Hence, self-awareness can be a powerful tool. When you become aware, you can make more informed choices and live a more meaningful existence.

Martin Williams
Director & Counsellor

Martin is a qualified Counsellor, and provisional Clinical Member of Singapore Association for Counsellors, who has been involved in a wide variety of activities in both his work and personal life. Based in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region for the last 30 years, he has had multiple experiences of living in remote locations and in challenging conditions which few professional people can match. His work in small, medium and large organizations has been invaluable in giving him direct insight into the many forms of anxiety in the workplace, including stress, bullying, discrimination, difficulties in adaptation, handling difficult managers and colleagues, burn out and the specific challenges associated with overseas postings. Martin’s personal and career experience has given him a high level of cultural sensitivity and understanding and an outlook on life which is both balanced and informed.

Martin’s path into counselling began in 2002 following a personal tragic and unexpected bereavement. While his heart lay in counselling and helping others, it was only in 2005 that he committed fully to this path. He then started working with clients through individual and group therapy and long-term support to help them make real and lasting changes, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives.


Martin connects with people of all ages in a genuine and empathetic manner and he believes his own successes and failures have helped him develop his prime personal value of respect for others. He is passionate about working with families and their children to help them make the best use of their strengths and resources in order to improve their lives. It is his core belief that in knowing and understanding ourselves, we become stronger and happier people and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.


Martin founded Harmony Counselling in early 2020, recognising that what he has learned through hard-won experience could be of value to others.

Harmony Counselling also collaborates with other counselling agencies and freelance counsellors to ensure we provide the right service for you.

Harmony Counselling

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