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(Note: Names changed for confidentiality purposes)


“I find (Martin) to be compassionate, a great listener and a meticulous problem-solver, who tackles every aspect of my illness in a no-nonsense way, even if my point of view is sometimes irrational.”

Natalie has been seeing Martin for individual counselling for almost 3 years. She suffers from Bipolar Disorder and she finds her sessions with him helpful in navigating her emotional highs and lows. She finds the Walk & Talk therapy sessions especially helpful in providing a calming environment to work through her challenges and develop helpful coping strategies.

"The sessions with Martin at Harmony Counselling were constructive, productive and worth every penny spent. From day 1, he was warm and professional, listened and responded without judgement, and more importantly - gave appropriate prompts to probe deeper to address root causes of my trauma. I am better mentally than when I first started. Thank you Martin, I'd heartily recommend your services to anyone who needs help finding their way." 

Joo Weng was experiencing intense feelings of guilt and shame through his objectification of women and urges of voyeurism. This was having an adverse impact on his relationship, as well as his own self-esteem. By challenging his thoughts and feelings (after understanding how they arose), and taking responsibility for his actions, he was able to make sure that future thought processes and behaviours were more healthy and conducive to sustainable relationships.

"Martin is a terrific counsellor who is professional, yet friendly, helpful and extremely supportive. I found his advice really made a positive difference in my emotional wellbeing and I was comfortable sharing some difficult personal history. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who feels they could use some support."

Tammy sought us out for individual sessions, initially to help better manage her stress and deal with Covid uncertainty but, subsequent to this, the work we did together ultimately helped her become more expressive and connect better on a more fundamental level with her friends and family members.

"Thank you once again for your help during these few months. I'm in a much better place and will stay mindful of my emotions and managing that. But thank you for all that you have helped me with."

Nigel came to us for help in managing and reducing work-related anxiety which resulted in some poor behaviours, including an over reliance on drinking. We helped him become more comfortable in dealing with conflict through assertive expression and establishing & maintaining healthy personal boundaries.

"Anna-Mari really helped me to untangle my understanding of the issues I was facing and led me to a new set of perspectives, which has had a very positive impact. I felt in good hands the whole time and her natural compassion, warmth and good humour was exactly what I needed to unearth buried thoughts and feelings. I would recommend her highly." 

Sal came to us with anger management issues, which were being regularly triggered in her relationship. Through the work she did with Anna-Mari, she was able to recognise that the root cause of her issues lay in a difficult upbringing which had resulted in some unacknowledged trauma. Understanding this, she was able to develop a better emotional response system, which had a significant positive impact on her relationship with her husband and children.

"I highly recommend Martin as a professional and attentive counselor.  Martin has provided invaluable assistance during a time of personal struggle by gently guiding me to better understand and express my thoughts and emotions.  I have improved my relationship with myself, others and feel much more at ease.  Martin’s practical, personable approach creates a great platform to openly discuss challenges and self-realize effective, healthy strategies to thrive.”

Farah approached us, initially to help with her relationship, which we addressed through couples counselling. However, it soon became apparent that she was facing significant issues driven by trauma from her younger life, which were being regularly triggered by her partner. We referred her to a family trauma specialist to reduce her reaction to these emotions but continued to work with her as she discovered new ways to relate to herself and others.

"We asked Martin to intervene when our son was experiencing social anxiety issues and depression at university in what has been a difficult year for all students. Our son was reticent at first to fully engage but Martin’s patience and expertise was extraordinary over the weeks that they worked together. This has all resulted in an amazing change in our son's mental well-being, confidence and general outlook on life so much so that he has recently found a part-time bar job and is looking forward to his final year at university - thank you Martin!"

After our first couple of sessions, it became apparent that Robert was struggling with Social Anxiety Disorder. Through working with the CBT framework, we managed to identify and address the negative thought patterns which had been causing his anxieties, which allowed him relief from his concerns and provided him with an opportunity to live a fuller life.

"Martin was a tremendous help and a real advocate. I want to say "Sincere Thanks!" In just a few sessions, where I felt genuinely listened to, Martin was thoughtful, engaged, and supportive. The personalized experience helped me organize my thoughts and feel empowered to "get better." The tremendous load I was carrying has been lifted thanks to Martin. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Thanks again Martin."

Manan sought us out as he was struggling with anxiety which had resulted in some severe alcohol abuse issues. Whilst addressing his anxiety, we also introduced some fun & creative elements back into his life, which had been mostly neglected since his parent's separation and father's subsequent death.

"I came to Martin at a difficult time in my life - facing separation after 33 years of marriage. I was not in a good place and did not know how to think proactively and positively about either myself or the future I was facing. Martin helped me to see where I was and helped me think positively about myself. I had never had any therapy of any kind prior to Martin. In the end after 3 sessions it helped me crystalize my next steps which included a period of intensive therapy away from Singapore . 10 months on I am a different person in a different place."

Albert's wife had decided that she wished to leave him and he felt lost, not knowing how their relationship had reached that point. Working with him, we developed his emotional awareness and resilience and built a vision of himself who wasn't relying on others for his own happiness.

"Thank you so much for the nice follow up. I think it was definitely a worthwhile exercise and the sharing shows there is a lot going on for many colleagues of ours. Important not to keep it bottled up and talk about it to allow others to understand in these difficult times. Thank you for your help in these sessions - it was really a good exercise!"

Mark was the managing director of the company who appointed us to conduct some self-care & wellbeing presentations, and support group sessions for his team of approximately 30 staff (divided into two for the support groups sessions). The company was a hospitality group, whose staff had struggled during Covid times, as was typical for the F&B industry.

"Thanks Martin, for sharing your wisdom and experience with us. It was affirming and helpful for these trying times."

Brenda was a participant in some group therapy sessions that we held for a women's support group.

"Thank you for helping me get through some difficult times. Earlier this year, I was aware I wasn't in a good place. You did an excellent job of helping me find myself and taught me the self-value and much needed skills to rebuild a better version of myself"

Robert had struggled with a life experience which had put him into a very poor frame of mind and he struggled to get past it.

"Thanks for the good work you continue to do for our marriage. (We) are seeing improvements in the way we communicate and we hope to continue to improve our relationship over time."

Ashok & Shanti had been struggling in their relationship for sometime - communication had broken down and outside family members were having undue influence on their marriage. Through understanding the dynamics of what was taking place and developing clearer emotional expression, the couple were able to work out their differences in a much healthier way and maintain effective healthy boundaries with their family members.

"Thank you Martin, without your sessions, I honestly think I wouldn't have got out of the mess I was in.....I sleep better than before. Thank you so much!"

Louis came to us suffering from severe anxiety, which was impacting him mentally and physically and having a detrimental impact on his work. After working to identify and understand the root causes, we were able to challenge the negative narratives and thought processes that he was carrying around and significantly reduce the levels of his anxiety.

Testimonial Letter

Martin Williams

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