“I find (Martin) to be compassionate, a great listener and a meticulous problem-solver, who tackles every aspect of my illness in a no-nonsense way, even if my point of view is sometimes irrational.” - AB

"Martin is a terrific counsellor who is professional, yet friendly, helpful and extremely supportive. I found his advice really made a positive difference in my emotional wellbeing and I was comfortable sharing some difficult personal history. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who feels they could use some support during these challenging times." - VN

"Thank you so much for the nice follow up. I think it was definitely a worthwhile exercise and the sharing shows there is a lot going on for many colleagues of ours. Important not to keep it bottled up and talk about it to allow others to understand in these difficult times.

Thank you for your help in these sessions - it was really a good exercise!" - MB

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