At times, life is hard, and we sometimes find ourselves in problem situations that we struggle to cope with.

Our family and friends, who normally provide us with most of our emotional support, are not always able to help. Indeed, though well-meaning, their advice can actually be counter-productive and increase our personal difficulties. This is where Counselling Therapy can be especially useful.

For those who find themselves in need of support in any aspect of their lives, Harmony Counselling offers a flexible, affordable and relationship-based approach to Counselling Therapy. We create a comfortable and respectful environment which allows our Clients heal and grow.

Founder Martin Williams is a qualified counsellor who draws on his extensive real-life experience to influence his unique style of counselling and ensure that all Clients receive the personal attention they deserve.

Book your first session now to start your journey towards improved happiness, life satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

Alternatively, call/message us on +65 8908 2187 for a free 15 min consultation. All inquiries are strictly confidential, and you are protected by the same rights as our Clients, whether or not you proceed to book a session with us. If you are not comfortable with the idea of talking to a Counsellor, send us a message so we can call you back and put you at your ease.


Why Us?

It has been proven time and again through research that the most important component which predicts the success of Counselling Therapy is the relationship which forms between Therapist and Client (often referred to as the Therapeutic Alliance). It is significantly more important than the Therapist's method or approach and even the experience levels of the Therapist. We at Harmony Counselling, recognise the importance of this relationship and put building this connection at the forefront of all we do.

We provide individual counselling & coaching, couple & family counselling, teen & adolescent counselling, group therapy, as well as a range of corporate services. We also provide Walk & Talk Therapy, a unique format for Therapy in Singapore, which is especially helpful for those who find expressing themselves uncomfortable in traditional, office-based settings.

* For more information on how to choose the right Therapist for you, please download our free presentation below.



How does counselling help?

Providing insight - We can gain an understanding of the origin & development of emotional disturbances, which leads to an increased capacity to take rational control over our feelings and behaviours.

Relating to others - We become better able to form and maintain meaningful & satisfying relationships.

Empowerment - We find the strength and ability to heal by taking responsibility for our own lives.

Self-awareness & enlightenment - We can achieve better understanding of a situation and our reaction to it through improved knowledge of ourselves.

Problem solving - We can better manage future problem situations as they arise by developing our competencies.

Psychological education - We increase our understanding of how we feel, think and behave.

Enabling cognitive or behavioural change - We can address our self-defeating thoughts and behaviours.

Encouraging positive systemic change - We can help our families to interact in happier and healthier ways.


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